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    Bypassing Bandwidth Caps with Proxy Servers

In alot of Countries such as Portugal and Australia, nearly everyones Internet Connection is limited to how much International traffic they can download. However, much do their delight, local traffic is considered free.

The result of this is that you endup with only a small ammount of free sites you can visit, and you spend the total of your International Cap chatting to friends in another Country. So how do you bypass this?

By using a Proxy Server ofcourse. The basic concept is that you connect to a computer local enough to yourself that it is free, but use their connection to relay International traffic for you. This results in your traffic being free for you.

To find local Proxy Servers, go to Proxy List sites which name the Country the Proxy Server is in, and simply look for Proxy Servers from your Country. Then get your favourite program you wish to use it in and look up the documentation on how to make it use a Proxy Server.

Always remember that although this isnt illegal, someone is paying for the bandwidth you are using, so be nice.

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