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    Commercial use of Proxy Servers

In a commercial environment, a Proxy Server can provide many advantages of the NAT alternative. The two systems act similar, and although NAT support gives you far simpler setup, it doesnt always provide the solution you need.

In this environment, as a member of the IT department, you would want to log request activity of employee's, detect any worms inside the network, and basically just provide some controlled flow to the traffic.

Considering a large number of employees all trying to make use of the Internet, you endup requiring quite an expensive connection. Now the problem is that this normally means you have a Quota or pay by the meg. A NAT setup would not allow you to limit peoples speeds. A Proxy Server is far superior in this situation.

You can use a Proxy Server to limit the speed of each connection, provide authentication of users, and log every connection users make. It also allows you to cache Web Page requests so you can save bandwidth on frequently visited sites. Besides all of this, you can easily block unwanted Websites easily through any commercial Proxy Server Software.

Any limitation you wish to place on your users can be implemented through the use of a Proxy Server. This is the same reason people use Managed Switches and Email monitoring Software. The possibilities are endless.

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