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    Legallity of using Open Proxy Servers

Pretty much anyone who was used an Open Proxy Server they have found on a Proxy List has probably wondered about the legallity of them using it. Well this matter is a little on the Shady side.

Basically it is illegal to gain access to a system without authorization, however if a Proxy Server requests no password, then it is infact an Open System. For this reason it becomes legal to use the Proxy Server.

Morally it is wrong however, as the owner of the Proxy Server is paying for the bandwidth that is being used. I am also sure in some Countries it may be concidered illegal, so it would be best to clarify your local laws first.

Since most Open Proxy Servers are the result of a useless System Administrator, you should be fine, however be aware that Honeypots are out there which log traffic, so you might be one of the unlucky who is logged doing something you shouldnt be. So while using Open Proxy Servers be careful.

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