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    Does the Ping of a Proxy Server matter?

A Ping is a measure of how long it takes for a packet to be sent to a server, and have it returned. So basically put, the Ping of a Proxy Server is how fast it responds to your requests.

So the question arises, does this really matter. The answer is that is depends entirely on the purpose you have for the Proxy Server. However it can be broken down into two purposes:

Single Proxy Server Use

This is when you are surfing the net, play games, or basically anything which requires only a single Proxy Server to work well. A low Ping does matter in this case.

Multiple Proxy Server Use

This occurs when you need many Proxy Servers for a task, such as scanning IP ranges. In this case the response time doesnt really matter, you just use more threads and there is no diference in result. So here a low Ping does not matter.

Pick the task you have for your Proxy Servers, and choose the correct Proxy Servers to suit that task and you will it alot easier.

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