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At some point you may wish to setup your own Proxy Server. Whether this is for a business, or just personal use, it is always good to have an unbiased opinion of the diferent software out there. So here it is:

  Wingate Proxy Server

OS: Windows
License: Shareware, 30 Day Trial

Wingate is one of the simplest Windows Proxy Servers to use. Installation is a breaze and its features are quite nice. It supports everything from NAT (Network Address Translation) to a good old Socks Proxy Server.

  ComTun Proxy Server

OS: Windows
License: Shareware, 30 Day Trial

Primarily made to allow multiple people to share an Internet Connection. The price is good, however the features are lacking far too much for to be considered for any commercial usage.

  Squid Web Proxy Cache

OS: Linux
License: Free

Has a nice set of options which make it one of the largest used Linux Proxy Servers. Nice for those on a major budget, but as with all things, you get what you pay for.

  Microsoft ISA Proxy Server

OS: Windows
License: Commercial

One of the largest Windows Proxy Servers out there. As with most Microsoft products, the features are good, and the setup is easy. However can be quite resource intensive when the user load gets on the higher side. Suggested as the next step up from Wingate Proxy Server.

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