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    What is a Proxy Server?

Although you are at this site, you might still want to know exactly what a Proxy Server is. Put simply a Proxy Server is a courier of information. It acts as a middle man between one computer and another. This may be to remain Anonymous, or to just bridge a connection between two networks. The reasons do however vary quite alot.

To give you a visual aspect of what a Proxy Server is, take a look at these pictures. Here a Computer is communicating with another Computer directly.

Direct Connection

In the following picture, a Proxy Server is being used. Information is sent from Computer A to the Proxy Server, and then the Proxy Server relays the information to Computer B.

With Proxy

Depending on the type of Proxy Server, this could very well trick Computer B into thinking it is only talking to the Proxy Server. However the Proxy Server is able to tell Computer B that it relaying information for Computer A.

A Proxy Server is normally run as a service, but can also be run as a simple standalone application. Depending on your situation, choice of Proxy Server can make a large diference on the volume of users, and the available uses of what data can be relayed by the Proxy Server.

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